Celebrity skin care expert Kat Rudu has known the beauty industry was her calling since early childhood. Always in awe of her mother’s beauty and fascinated by her daily regiment, she remembers the first moment she saw her Mum use a fresh aloe leaf as eye gel. It was then she knew that she wanted to work with products that help women look and feel their most beautiful.

Rudu's beauty philosophy is simple. She believes that the path for vibrant skin at any age comes from choosing to be happy while living passionately, feeding the soul, feeding the body and feeding the skin well. She believes that a woman's skin is the pictorial of her journey; the expression of where’s she’s been, who she’s loved and where she’s going.

For Rudu, skin is an art and she is the artist. As a medical esthetician, she began performing state of the art treatments nearly 20 years ago, infusing customized ingredients to create mixes that were transformative. Empowered by the changes and confidence she saw with each patient who left with a glow, she started from scratch formulating and compounding crèmes with a range of innovative actives and botanicals and silk amino amino acids to further amp up the results of her protocols.

Before long, she had built a range of products paired to her signature facials that fed the skin with the most potent, nutrient rich formulas. KÁT RUDU Pure Biotic Skincare was born. The unique collection nourishes the skin at the cellular level, revealing a fresh and dewy glow. Each KÁT RUDU product represents a facial with Kat – the best in luxury, chemistry and efficacy.

An expert in creating glowing, age defying complexions and trusted by some of the world’s most beautiful woman, she credits her expertise to her European roots, world travels, and continuous quest for knowledge about everything beauty.

“your beauty is my life”

Your Beauty Is My Life

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