Why You Need to Be Layering Your Skin Care

You look at Instagram and see that glowing, line-less, spotless complexion staring you—and you wonder: How in the world does she have skin like that? It's not fair! Well, truth is, she is getting facials every other month. She's also layering at least five products on her face.

What exactly does layering products mean? It sounds so complicated. And you're likely thinking: I have no time! I'm here to tell you that you can layer products in less than four minutes. Weaving these steps into your regimen is the key to dewy, glowing, lit skin. Layering your skincare gives you more protection from pollution, UV rays, and other elements. It also delivers faster results. It's a powerful dose of antioxidants that I believe in giving your skin morning and night.

I started by layering natural ingredients—aloe vera, witch hazel, rosehip, baking soda, chamomile tea , blueberries, lavender—onto my skin when I was fourteen-years-old. I would make my own exfoliant by crushing up blueberries and adding them to freshly brewed tea, baking soda, and splash of witch hazel. I would cleanse my skin with a light oil, like grapeseed, and add fresh honey. (This is where my gorgeous Coco Honey Papaya Enzymes Cleanser originated from.) Every day, I'd work these gorgeous botanicals into my skin, layer by layer.

I've continued to layer my skin care throughout my life. I promise, it's simple. And as I said, you can do it quickly. Here's how:

The first step is to cleanse. I love to start by removing all my makeup with a gentle makeup removing cloth. Then I cleanse with a soft facial sponge, cleaning the skin in a circular motion for a minute. This awakens the complexion by bringing blood flow and oxygen to the top layer of the skin. Once a week I exfoliate for three minutes using a gentle scrub. Now, I want to point out: So often I hear from my clients: My face is red and tingling. Thank god! This means there's cellular turnover happening and the products are working!

Next up: Apply a mist. This is an incredibly important this step. It keeps the skin's PH balance at 5.5. I like misting due to not only sets the PH but it hydrates you and makes your skin dewy. Of course, I love my Dewy Botanical Flower Mist. I still make it in my kitchen with so much love. Another favorite is Dr Hauschka facial toner founded by a wonderful German doctor that I admire so greatly.

Now let's look into serums. Serums deliver active ingredients into the skin. I suggest two or three serums before applying your moisturizer. Always begin with a vitamin C and from there layer lightest to thickest. Massage each in with your knuckles, making sure to let them sink in before each new application. (Maybe brush your teeth or send a quick text. Hey, we do live in a multitasking world!) I formulated my Hydra CELL C to be applied all over the face. If you have inflamed or acne skin, this is the time to add a healing serum. Now we have arrived to Iconic Liquid Lift Serum. There is a reason why I gave it this name. This serum literally quenches skin in nourishing peptides and hydrating hyaluronic acid, plumping and moisturizing it in seconds. It is pure vegan protein for the skin. It deliverers micro-nutrients, apple fruit extracts, organic cabbage rose water, peptides and a small amount of retinol with white Mulberry and Gotu cola to brighten the skin.

Your thickest product, a moisturizer, should always go on last. This is the sealer. For day, I alternate Hydra Cell Bright Citrus Moisturizer with my Jewel Oil twice a week. I don’t believe in using face oils every day, as they can tend to clog skin. (This is why I placed a low percentage of natural retinol in my Jewel Oil.)

Lastly, dab your eye gel on top of all the other products. Tap lightly in a circular motion from the outer corner to under eye and around, several times. Hint keep in the fridge… it will feel like an ice cube when you apply it.